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Candidate Recruitment Services

For candidates looking for a new role in our areas of expertise, Ross Recruitment will guide you through the recruitment process and support you every step of the way. Ross Recruitment takes time to understand the details of our Client’s recruitment procedure, each one individual to that Client, ensuring we can advise you every step of the way and coach you throughout the process allowing you to perform to your maximum potential and make the right move.

CV Advice

Ross Recruitment will evaluate your CV comparing it to your target job and supply the best advice so the CV works for you and gets you interviews. Upload Your CV

Interview Advice

Interviewing is what we do so Ross Recruitment are best placed to provide the latest interview advice and best practice to ensure you perform to your maximum on the day.

Job Search Management

We can talk to you about the local businesses that recruit in your target area for your target job. The companies you like the sound of we can approach to establish current / future opportunities.

Application Management

It’s a difficult time looking for a new role so you don’t want to alert your current employer to the fact you are considering a move. We will only make job applications on your behalf to the companies you specifically ask us to and we only do this if you are committed to attend an interview.

Interview Preparation

Ross Recruitment take the time to go through a full interview preparation letting you know exactly what the interview process entails. This can cover several areas such technical testing, psychometric testing, occupation personality questionnaires, interview structures, and company information.

Interview Debrief

Following your interview your feedback is a crucial part of the process. Ross Recruitment will take the time to go through a structured debrief with you. This will enable us to assess your commitment to the role and pass on your positive feedback to the Client to support your application.

Client Feedback

Ross Recruitment will always pass on factual constructive and positive feedback from our Clients regarding your interview process allowing you to build on your interviewing skills.

Offer Management

Let Ross Recruitment manage the offer process on your behalf ensuring acceptable terms and conditions are achieved before starting your new job.